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Thanks for taking your time to find out about us.

Our relaxed and natural style of filmmaking allows us to capture the special moments throughout your wedding day without formality and intrusion. Inspired by the couples we film and a passion for storytelling, it is always our desire to craft a lasting memento that will be cherished for generations to come.

We like to craft films that are both heartfelt and beautiful. Everything, from the way we choose to catch the scenes that unfold before us to the way we weave together the completed piece, is done with pride and a desire to create a captivating memento. You, your friends and family will feel at ease with our natural and relaxed approach to film making.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, and if you're near our office in Tenterden let us know and we can meet for a brew.

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Hello from Keith...

Hi, I’m Keith and I’m one half of the team, and probably the one you chat to the most! I’ve always loved filming, and it’s not always been humans i’ve filmed either. I started off my filming and editing passion with wildlife (Yes there's an embarrassing film of me on the ‘Really Wild Show’ knocking about) and I think that’s partly why I love filming on my travels.

I personally realised how important our work is not at a wedding but at a funeral. We all have people in our lives that although are not relations, they might as well be. Unfortunately my ‘Aunt next door’, passed away unexpectedly very young. I was looking through the order of service to find on the back page a photo, taken in a moment from her wedding when i was aged just six. Instantly I was transported back to that day with all the smiles and warmth that the day gave. It’s amazing how much more film can bring than photos and its feedback we regularly receive.

I want to be with you every step of your wedding journey and it’s great you found us and have read this. We don’t want to be chosen because we were the easy option or the first result on google. We want to film those people who realise that by meeting up with us and putting those little details into their day mean they don’t just create a wedding film, they create something that’s deep and when watched in years to come means something else to.

I won’t give you a long spiel about all my hobbies but to summarise I enjoy wildlife (watching/walking/helping), rugby, the gym, and surprisingly films!

Thanks once again and I hope we can join you on your adventure and really hope you can join us for a cuppa!

Hylô from Andy

He’s the Welsh one and has to write his bit!

Keith & Andy Filming a Wedding in Iceland - A bit different than filming a wedding in Kent -

Wedding Film Proposal Abroad - Picture from Lemonade Pictures